Quirky French at Cop.Copine

A new Union Square boutique brings modern French fashion to San Francisco

As the summer slowly comes to an end (which in San Francisco means the summer weather is about to kick in), I’ve been checking out boutiques that offer funky yet reasonably priced fall fashion. Last week, we looked at the Italian boutique, Max&Co., whose clothes and accessories bring Milanese flair to the Bay area.

This week I stopped by the new Cop.Copine boutique, which opened recently in Union Square in downtown San Francisco. If you think Cop Copine is a rehash of the classic French style, à la Chanel, you’re wrong. In the past few years, French designers have rushed in to meet the need for practical but beautiful urban clothes that are light years away from the bourgeois 16th arrondissement look.

What makes Cop.Copine so appealing is that they have managed to combine quirky details with a feminine, sophisticated palette. The Union Square boutique is small, but it carries exactly the kinds of separates (blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets) that San Franciscans
are looking for to deal with the changeable weather and their busy schedules.

Each piece will truly make you stand out. My favorite piece is one that seems daunting and impossible to wear: the harem pants. It
looks ghastly on the rack but on your body, it flows and gives you a sleek, supple silhouette. If harem pants are not your thing, go for
the dresses. There’s nothing like them in the city.

Cop.Copine. 343 Powell Street (at Post), San Francisco, CA. (415) 989-9035

Esme Vos is the founder of www.shopplr.com.

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