Rumors No More. Haight Whole Foods Loses Condos

Could it be? After a protracted fight, after the builder suggested Haighters might have to "beg" them to build, after a whole squad of soccer dads showed in force to push through its approval— might the Whole Foods condo project at Haight and Stanyan lose its condos?

SocketSite prints a matter-of-fact tip from someone whose loved one attended a Whole Foods meeting: "...It was told to them that the Stanyan Project has been scaled back to be just like the Noe Valley project. No external construction - no condos, just a interior gutting of the old Cala foods and a small format Whole Foods going into it."

Oh, the humanity.

And indeed, The San Francisco Business Times confirms the death of the project as we knew it. Developer Mark Brennan said the "fees were prohibitive"— $5 to $6 million for the permits — and cast blame on the 32-month entitlement process.

"If this had started when it was supposed to start we would have already turned the shell over to Whole Foods."

Now, they're "in talks" to build a Whole Foods in the existing former Cala Foods on the site.

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