San Francisco Fashion Shows Are Fabulous!

Art of Fashion begins this weekend

Fashion is coming. Fashion is coming. Fabulous!

The Arts of Fashion 2008 will bring an international collection of fashion, art, ideas and talents to San Francisco on Oct. 25 through Oct. 29 at the Museum of Modern Art.

The show will be a precursor to the De Young Museum, which is preparing for the Nov. 1 public opening of the first retrospective covering Yves Saint Laurent’s 40 years of creativity. Fabulous!

The public is invited to an exciting mix of debates, seminars and presentations of fashion collections. Fabulous!

The shows will include the work of three New York based rising talents participating in the debut series of Akarasun Seanglai, Stephanie Otto and Natallia Pilipenka. Fabulous!

For a complete and detailed schedule of events, accommodation, as well as information, please visit the Art of Fashion. Fabulous!

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