Superhero's Super Tight Costume

How can you breathe in that thing?

For some moviegoers, “Watchmen” will be remembered for one thing: latex.

Actress Malin Akerman somehow squeezed into what’s got to be one of the most constrictive costumes to hit the silver screen for her role as “Silk Spectre.”  You can now see for yourself just how tight that number was at the new “Watchmen” exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

Think black and yellow bathing suit with arm length gloves and knee high boots all made of latex.  The museum tells us it took several people just to “assemble” the costume around Akerman.

“It’s literally like pulling an elastic band over your whole body,” she tells Access Hollywood.  “Then you let go and let it snap and then you gotta wear it for 16 hours.”

Bondage-types will be disappointed to know that she’s not going to develop a fetish for latex.

“I actually have to say having to put that on, by the third month, I would rather have walked around naked.”

The “Watchmen” exhibit features other costumes, fake weapons, props from the movie as well as original artwork from the D.C. Comic book series.

The exhibit runs through July 19th.

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