Train Dude, Libertarian Go Off the Rails on Prop. 1A

Judging from the buzz around these parts, you'd probably think that Prop 1A, the $10 billion bond-as-down-payment for a $32 to $35 billion California high-speed rail, has a bit more hustling to do before convincing voters to bite. You'd probably be right— there was some horn locking on the issue at Friday night's meeting at the Commonwealth Club, where the chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority, and VP of the libertarian Reason Foundation, went at it. The gist? Well, you can probably guess Kopp's take: the train would reduce congestion, and the state would need to build 12 more lanes of freeway and open five new airport runways just to match the route's added transport capacity. Moore's fightin' words: The High Speed Rail Authority's making promises about ridership and speed that it can't keep. Take it outside, guys.
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