U.S. Women’s Quad Sculls Wins Bronze

Womens Quad Natalie Dell
Getty Images

The U.S. Women's Quadruple Sculls team has earned a bronze medal Wednesday. The Bay Area's Kara Kohler is on the team.

Kohler (seat 2) and her teammates finished only 1.54 seconds behind the German team. The Ukraininan team took gold with a time of 6:35.93.

The American squad consists of Natalie Dell, Megan Kallmoe, Kara Kohler and Andrienne Martelli.

  1. Ukraine (Kateryna Tarasenko; Nataliya Dovgodko; Anastasiia Kozhenkova; Yana Dementieva), 6:35.93.
  2. Germany (Annekatrin Thiele; Carina BAER; Julia Richter; Britta Oppelt), 6:38.09.
  3. United States (Natalie Dell, Clearville, Pa.; Kara Kohler, Clayton, Calif.; Megan Kalmoe, St. Croix Falls, Wis.; Adrienne Martelli, University Place, Wash.), 6:40.63.
  4. Australia (Dana Faletic; Kerry Hore; Pauline Frasca; Amy Clay), 6:41.67.
  5. China (Tang Bin; Tian Liang; Jin Ziwei; Zhang Yangyang), 6:44.19.
  6. Britain (Melanie Wilson; Debbie Flood; Frances Houghton; Beth Rodford), 6:51.54.
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