Whole Foods Developer: Go On, Beg Us to Build It

Yes! No! Yes! We can hardly tell which epic planning battle will win this year's title for biggest shitshow: CAMP or Haight and Stanyan's Whole Foods— which, to date, has been burning in EIR hell for going on three years. The fur's still flying, folks, and we'd be hard-pressed to judge until we all get a little time to cool off. Judging by the reaction Curbed-side, the public forum on Thursday should promise at the very least a couple decapitations. Look, says planner Jonas Lonin, most people (an "overwhelming majority," even) are excited about the WF, which will have 62 residential units strapped on its shoulders. But opponents are itching for something, shall we say, "truly inspired." Hey, an inspiring parking lot should be replaced by an equally inspiring Whole Foods, right? And while Supe Ross Mirkarimi says he's all for the project (fingers crossed?), developer Mark Brennan laments that the project will probably get appealed, even if it's ultimately approved. Final word? "I hate to say they should be begging us to do this project, but it’s a full-service grocery store." Dudes, he totally went there.
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UPDATE: As per the developer, please do note that the above rendering is outdated; consult our reveal for the new-and-improved 690 Stanyan Street. REPEAT: A new rendering has been released for 690 Stanyan Street. At ease.For more stories from Curbed SF, go to sf.curbed.com.

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