Yell and Scream. Facebook is Listening

Social networking giant agrees to let users set policy, sort of

The lesson Facebook users learned this week is that if they cry loud enough, the social media giant will eventually listen. Especially if their crying makes the Palo Alto based company look really bad.

Facebook is trying to recover from last week's policy-change blunder, which prompted protests about who controls information that people share on the site.
The fast-growing online hangout's more than 175 million worldwide users could form the world's sixth-largest country behind Brazil. Thursday it announced that those users will play a "meaningful role" in deciding the site's policies and voting on changes.

The company now says its users will get a hand in determining various policies by reviewing, commenting and voting on them before they're put in place.

If more than 7,000 users comment on any proposed change, it will go to a vote. And if more than 30 percent of active users vote, the result would be binding to Facebook. Way to go Facebook junkies. Way to stick it to the man.

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