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Sea Lion Hops Into Parked Car



    Sea Lion Hops Into Parked Car
    Mike Aguilera/ SeaWorld San Diego

    A California sea lion in need of care hopped into a parked car on Ingraham Street Wednesday, animal rescue specialists said.

    The 10-month-old animal was spotted on the street by a passing motorist. The driver pulled over, opened his car door to grab a towel or something to help with and the sea lion hopped into the car.

    SeaWorld’s rescue team showed up shortly thereafter and took the 19-pound female to SeaWorld for rehabilitation.

    Animal care specialists said the sea lion is severely underweight, malnourished and dehydrated, but is expected to make a full recovery.

    Eventually, she will be returned to the wild through SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Program. So far in 2013, the program has rescued 296 marine mammals, 278 of which have been California sea lions.