Leukemia Patient's Sorority Sisters Search for Cure

Without a bone marrow transplant Carol Martin-Hicks has a slim chance of survival.

Blood marrow drives are scheduled all across the state of California to help a Los Angeles woman who is fighting for her life.

Carol Martin-Hicks, a two-time breast cancer survivor, thought she was cancer free and then discovered she has leukemia.

Without a bone marrow transplant the wife and mother of two has a slim chance of survival.

No one in the database of registered bone marrow donors provided a match. Martin-Hicks’ siblings could not provide a match either.

Martin-Hicks’ Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters are rallying communities all across the U.S. to find a bone marrow donor.

“She’s just amazing,” said Dr. Darlene V. Willis, President, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc SD Grad Chapter.

"We have to make this a priority because this is a life. There's nothing more valuable than life,” Willis said.

To help save Carol's life, thousands her Southern California Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sisters have teamed up with BeThe Match, to host a bone marrow drive Saturday.

Here in San Diego, the drive will be held Saturday, March 16, 2 to 4 p.m. at the Alpha Center at 6323 Imperial Avenue. Ideally, they're looking for peple 18-44.

African Americans make up only 7 percent of the 10 million registered donors so the word is spreading to other California cities to try and encourage members of the community to donate.

"We can do this. I bet you have a donor out there that could match her,” Willis said.

For more information on Carol Martin-Hicks and the process of bone marrow donation, click her page on BeTheMatchFoundation.org.

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