Couple From Northern California Survives Train Derailment in Montana

NBC Universal, Inc.

A retired couple from Northern California was on the Amtrak train that derailed in Montana last Saturday and survived.

Patrick and Jedda Louie, from Elk Grove, were on a cross-country train ride when the crash happened.

“You just can't believe it just happened ... I mean you could feel it happening,” the couple said. “You could feel as the car tilted toward the left, landed on the windows. You're against the windows, sliding against the dirt. The dust is flying up so you have a distinct, horrifying feeling that you know what's happening and you can't believe it at the time.”

The Louies say they were lucky. They were in one of the rear cars, which detached from the others.

The cause of the crash, which killed three people, is still under investigation.

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