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SJ Unified School District Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Staff

The largest school district in San Jose is telling its faculty and staff to get vaccinated or get tested.

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When students in the San Jose Unified School District get back to the classroom next month, their teachers will either be fully vaccinated or will be tested twice a week for coronavirus.

"Really everything we're doing is to maximize the safety of students and our staff,” said Jennifer Maddox with the San Jose Unified School District. "So, with additional students coming, and having all the students back on campus, we want to be very diligent on the safety protocol."

The policy was agreed to by both the district and the San Jose Teachers' Association.

"The science tells us that the vaccine is the number one thing that helps keep people safe. As an association, we negotiated a return to work once everyone had access to a vaccine,” said Patrick Bernhardt, president of the San Jose Teacher's Association.

Everyone on staff, that is. Teachers of young students say it's extra important to be vaccinated to protect those who can't yet get the shot.

"I think it's our responsibility as teachers to get vaccinated, the students don't have that option as of yet because they're too young to receive a vaccine,” said Brenna Broadnax, Fourth grade teacher at San Jose Unified District.

The district has another statistic it says should make parents feel safe. Officials said that 90% of its staff has already been vaccinated.

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