Stanford Tries to Get Ahead of Growing Frustration Over Vaccines

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Stanford is trying to get ahead of the growing frustration over vaccination availability.   

Admitting that the pace of vaccines so far is too slow, Stanford launched its own effort Friday, telling some members of its health care plan that they can get their shots and others that it’s not their time yet. 

"I wanted people to wait and know they'll get their turn in line,” said Dr. Yvonne Maldonado.

Doctors say be patient, because the number of doses they have is still low, something that's been frustrating Patti Lippe for weeks.

"I have sent emails to Santa Clara County, I've sent them to the CDC," she said.

Lippe's been trying to set up vaccine shots for herself and her mother. 

"My own healthcare provider Stanford, my doctor, I mean, anyone I can reach out to I'm being kind of annoying about it,” Lippe said.

Stanford says they understand and started signing people up Friday in hopes of starting vaccinations next week.

But the effort to fix the frustration will take a little while.

"And making sure that people get vaccinated in a safe environment, with the proper equipment, that takes a little bit of time,” said Maldonado.

Those over the age of 75 that live in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties will go to Stanford Health Care’s San Jose Location on Samaritan Drive. 

Stanford says residents of other countries who are 65 and older will find out next week where the shots will be given. 

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