‘StoreQueue' Tracks Lines, Wait Times at Grocery Stores During Pandemic

NBC Universal, Inc.

Two tech-savvy Bay Area entrepreneurs have come up with a way to warn people just how long the lines are at grocery stores before they head out to shop.

The long lines at essential stores are part of the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. And due to shortages of supplies and social distancing, many are spending a long time waiting in those lines.

Soumya Mohan and Siddharth Vanchinathan, a pair of entrepreneurs who already have full-time jobs, have launched -- a way to track how long the lines are where you shop. Think of it as Waze for grocery stores.

When a user is in line, they can post the wait time.

In a matter of weeks, the site has quickly grown by word of mouth.

As StoreQueue grows, the co-founders said they plan to move beyond grocery store lines and expand the site to tell you how long the wait is at restaurants, the DMV, and more.

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