City's War on Bottled Water Finds New Battleground

City proposes ban on selling bottled water

For anyone who's ever paid an exorbitant amount for a simple bottle of water at one of San Francisco's famous street festivals or events in the park, you're in luck -- that kind of profiteering could come to an end.

The Environment Commission will consider a proposal Monday to ban the sale of single-serve water bottles on city land or at events licensed by the city, the San Francisco Examiner reports.

Instead, it's suggested that venues and events offer reusable water bottles and access to the city's sweet tap water.

The effort is meant to reduce the amount of waste involved in the production of water bottles that eventually end in a landfill and the water that fills them (which is often from regular municipal sources).

The City of San Francisco is already banned from spending money on bottled water by edict of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Needless to say, the International Bottled Water Association isn't pleased. Spokesman Tom Lauria expressed concern for public health and said recycling is the answer, not bans.

Jackson West refreshed himself from the fountain at Dolores Park over the weekend instead of spending money for "cold beer, cold water."

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