San Jose

Woman Dead in San Jose Mobile Home Fire

Arson experts are being called in to help investigate how a woman confined to a wheelchair was apparently killed in a roaring fire that engulfed her San Jose mobile home.

Firefighters responded late Thursday to reports of a fire with a possible trapped person at West Winds mobile home park in the 200 block of El Bosque Drive in North San Jose.  

Neighbors said the victim was approximately 50-years-old, had been paralyzed by a stroke. Neighbors also expressed some concerns to San Jose fire investigators, saying the on-site caretaker was gone when the fire started.

"Neighbors said they had seen little, small fires starting inside the home," a man said, "next thing you know, it takes minutes, seconds for everything to catch on and instantly, everything just caught on fire."

According to Capt. Cesar Martinez the fire has been extinguished and the cause is under investigation. 

An investigation is ongoing.

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