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$100 Bills Rained Down in Sunnyvale

Workers have no chance at getting the money



    $100 Bills Rained Down in Sunnyvale
    Workers at a Sunnyvale recycling plant probably thought it was their lucky day when they noticed $100 bills raining down this week.

    Sunnyvale police are working with the FBI after workers at a recycling plant found a stash of cash in the trash.
    Police say workers found $3,200 while sorting through items Tuesday at the SMaRT recycling station.  Specifically, the workers were sorting and found the money after it was spit out of a conveyor belt.  The bills literally rained down from above with workers catching them and adding them to a collection bucket.

    In order to claim the Ben Franklins for yourself, you will need to provide police with evidence to corroborate ownership. So far, nobody has come forward.

    While police try to determine how 32 $100 bills ended up at the plant, they're working with the FBI to see if any serial numbers on the bills are related to a crime.

    Sunnyvale city spokesman John Pilger says if the money is not claimed within 90 days, it will be turned over the city's general fund.

    So far, the recycling workers, who make $14 an hour, have made no official comment on that plan.   Apparently finders keepers does not apply here.