$10,000 for a Dog? “Chorkie” Owner Pays Up

A California woman has paid $10,000 to reclaim her beloved Lexi

What's your pet worth?

For Debby Brown of Concord, the answer was $10,000. That's the reward she posted after her 2-year-old mixed-breed Chihuahua-Yorkshire terrier Lexi was stolen from her Cadillac Escalade Friday. On Monday, she paid up, no questions asked, and has been reunited with the so-called "chorkie."

The Contra Costa Times reports:

She tried to meet with a few of the people who called over the weekend, claiming they had Lexi. None of them showed, she said. Then Brown received photos of her pet via e-mail, convincing her that this was the real deal. And indeed, early Monday morning, Brown and her boyfriend met with people in a parking lot in Alameda, where the cash and the dog were exchanged.

What do you think? Would you pay $10,000 for a pet?

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