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You've Been a Dirty City San Francisco



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    How could a city so pretty, be so dirty?

    Recycle all you want San Francisco. To some you will always be a dirty city.

    Just ask the germaphobes over at Travel + Leisure magazine. The destination journal has ranked the beautiful city by the bay as the 12th dirtiest city in America.

    San Francisco fell short of the top prize however, which went to New Orleans, followed by Philadelphia. At least the Big Easy has an excuse, since it is still legitimately recovering from a the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Philadelphia is still trying to figure out how the Giants beat them in the playoffs.

    San Francisco for its part was ranked high when it came to beautiful views, environmental friendliness, quality of life, cool neighborhoods and the City did beat Los Angeles.

    The home of the Dodgers landed at No. 3 on the nation's dirtiest city list.