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Primary Move Could Save State $100 Million



    Primary Move Could Save State $100 Million
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    Changing when Californians vote in a presidential primary could save the state millions.

    Is national influence worth $100 million?

    That is a question facing California as the state senate approved a measure last week to move the presidential primary election from February to June.

    The move, if signed by the governor, is expected to save the state about $100 million. While some are opposing the move because they say it will impact how much influence California has in the presidential primaries, others wonder how much influence the state has now.

    California initially moved its presidential primary to February to force politicians to pay more attention to the state's needs.

    But several other states followed suit and also moved their primaries up as well.

    The move would save the state money because the presidential primary could be held at the same time as a statewide primary.