18 Wheeler and SF Muni Crash – 12 Injured

Several Muni passengers were transported to hospital on Monday when an 18-wheel truck and a T Third light rail vehicle were involved in a crash, police officers said.

The incident happened at about 3:20 p.m. at 3rd Street and 22nd Street. The intersection was shut down for a period of time.

Both of the vehicles had been traveling southbound on Third Street, according to a service alert issued by Muni.

Fire personnel evaluated passengers who were aboard the T-Third Street light rail vehicle and seven people were transported to  hospitals to be treated for injuries, Lt. Ken Smith said. The injuries appeared to be mostly minor, according to Smith.

Bus shuttles provided substitute service for the T Third line on Third Street between Channel Street and Evans Avenue.

Video from our Chopper showed that the semi may have tried to take a left turn ahead of the light rail vehicle, but was not successful.

The scene caused cars to back up at nearby streets. Officers cleared the scene before 5 p.m. and had traffic running properly.

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