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Another Day, Another Food Truck Battle



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    For a city that prides itself on tolerance, San Francisco sure does have a knack for freaking out whenever something is about to change. The latest outcry comes from a few neighbors on Divisadero, clutching at their pearls over the possibility of a new food truck on the street.

    According to the owner of the Doc's Of The Bay truck, they plan to sell diner food like burgers and fries to the late-night crowd hanging out at bars. He expects to only pop up once a week on the street, and to close before 1am.

    But now flyers have gone up around the neighborhood, objecting to the new attraction. According to critics, the truck will encourage bar patrons to linger in the neighborhood, to litter, and to relieve themselves in public. The truck will also cause traffic congestion and compete with nearby businesses.

    Not so, says the owner, who claims to have chosen the location based on the lack of nearby competitors. He's planning to hold an open house at The Page next Wednesday at 5 to discuss the proposed food truck.

    That's not the only local food business facing  some adversity right now. In SOMA, the kink-themed coffee house Wicked Grounds is facing closure if they're unable to raise $100,000.