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Another Year of Mystery for SF's High Speed Rail Path



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    Where will the Bay Area's high-speed rail run? It'll be at least another year before anyone knows for sure.

    The High-Speed Rail Authority announced that it will keep plans for the region under wraps until 2012. That's because they're focusing on Central Valley construction, and don't have enough pieces in place yet to make definitive plans for our neck of the woods.

    That means another year of uncertainty for towns and activists. Municipalities will have to wait to find out whether they'll have trains zooming along at street level, on elevated tracks, or in tunnels. And opponents may lose some of their momentum in trying to halt the project, according to the CC Times.

    For now, construction will be concentrated in the middle portion of the state. Eventually, the rail will reach Los Angeles and San Francisco -- or at least, that's the plan. Nobody's quite sure where the money for that construction will come from.

    So for now, we have another year of meetings and deliberations to look forward to, rather than the concrete plans that were supposed to be unveiled in December of 2010. The state still believes that it can get the project completed by 2020 -- do you believe them?