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Bank of America Declares Living Woman Dead

Pat Goddard is not happy about the mistake.



    A North Bay woman was declared dead by Bank of America — but is very much alive. BofA's mistake has ruined the woman's credit score. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012)

    A bank has declared a North Bay woman dead, but she is not.

    The error leaves Pat Goddard in financial limbo. Goddard says she knew something was wrong when a solar company told her she didn't qualify for a loan.

    The Petaluma grandmother did some digging and found a Bank of America record that has her listed as deceased.

    When she checked her credit score, it was zero.

    After hours on the phone, BofA acknowledged they made an error.

    The bank sent her an unsigned letter that says the problem should be fixed in 60 days.

    Goddard says while the bank made a report to three credit reporting agencies and said she should be alive again in 60 days, she is not satisfied. She doesn't want to wait, and she doesn't want anyone else to be declared dead by mistake.