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Bay Area Port Official Deployed to Gulf



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    GRAND ISLE, LA - JUNE 06: Heavy oil pools along the side of a boom just outside Cat Island in Barataria Bay June 6, 2010 near Grand Isle, Louisiana. BP's latest attempt to stem the flow of oil from the well head is capturing a portion of the oil flowing out, but much of it continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    A Redwood City port official and U.S. Coast Guard reservist has  been deployed to the Gulf of Mexico to assist in the response to the  Deepwater Horizon oil spill.    

    Eric Napralla, the Port of Redwood City's manager of development  and compliance, was deployed Monday to act as a pollution inspector for a  maximum of 60 days.     

    The Deepwater Horizon spill, now considered the largest offshore  oil spill in U.S. history, began April 20 with an explosion on a drilling  platform run by the petroleum firm BP that killed 11 workers and injured 17.     

    Napralla, who served in the Coast Guard in the Seattle region  prior to accepting his position in Redwood City, departed for Houma, La. on  Monday.

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