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Bullying Moving From Students To Teachers

Where do teachers turn when they are being bullied by students?



    We know bullying happens in the classroom and people assume the victims are students, but now teachers are becoming common targets. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012)

    A 2009 YouTube video was one of the many reasons teachers and parents at Clayton Valley High School in Concord were determined to bring about change.

    In the video, you can see a teacher in the background being bullied by students throwing crumpled up paper at her.

    Part of their solution was to turn the troubled public high school into a charter school.

    NBC Bay Area found out that teachers are being bullied by students in many school districts.

    We talked to one teacher in Vallejo who said a student wrote a rap song with lyrics that stated he was going to kill her.

    Teachers are afraid to speak out but the president of the Vallejo Unified School district did.

    "I know I heard of another situation at a middle school where a student flung a backpack and it hit the teacher and basically she blacked out," Christal Watts said.

    Watts says teachers feel like the district is not doing enough to protect them from out of control students.

    The district's superintendent disagrees.

    "There's no question teachers have support. If an adult has an issue, we have many ways to refer them to get the help that they need to be successful in our school system," Dr. Ramona Bishop says