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Burritos Popular With Hipsters -- In Berlin

Berlin hipsters find a common bite via Mission-style burritos.



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    Eat like a Berliner!

    Ich bin ein hipster. Also, ich bin ein burrito eater.

    Combining the thought processes of Kennedy and Nietzsche is a mashup that may appeal to Berliners.

    In Berlin, California cuisine is clashing with California cool at Dolores Burritos, which serves up on the city's Alexanderplatz something associated with young, impressionable, but nonetheless cool and hip the world over.


    Now that's something to Tumblr over.

    The lunchtime crowd at Dolores Burritos -- named for our fabled park -- wouldn't be out of place at Make-Out Room, according to a report in SFBay.ca.

    The eatery's owners picked out the hippest Berlin locales and did the rest of their homework: inside, the soundtrack is "Pitchfork-approved," and outside, eyes framed by thick plastic glasses line up for a chance to sink their teeth into soft tortilla.

    So the next time you want to get away, don't pick Berlin. Try Bernal for that exotic experience.