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CHP to Increase Bay Bridge Enforcement



    The Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Be sure to stay slow after driving through. Photo: K.Nielsen Photography on Flickr

    If the notorious S-curve is not enough to get drivers to slow down on the Bay Bridge, the threat of a ticket just might be the ticket.

    The California Highway Patrol and Caltrans said Friday that they will step up enforcement of the posted speed limits on the Bay Bridge.

    Recent trends show that drivers are driving faster on the bridge than before. Studies based on CHP reports and sensors built into the bridge show that the average driver's speed increases over 10 mph for westbound off peak traffic.

    “Motorist safety is our prime concern,” CHP spokesman Trent Cross said in a statement.  “The CHP maintains regular patrols on the bridge and can increase the number of units patrolling the bridge when we detect that we have vehicles reaching unsafe speeds.” 

    Along with increased enforcement, Caltrans is also scheduling maintenance work during off peak periods, which it says is the time it sees the most speed increases.

    The work will cause lane closures and reduced speed will be strictly enforced.