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Cam-Pains: Brown Looking Trimmed, Senate Candidates Debate

Jerry Brown goes under the plucker



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    The two faces of Jerry Brown: Left, before eyebrow procedure, right, after.

    When Attorney General Jerry Brown makes a campaign official, apparently he does it in style: After suggesting last year that Brown do something about those eyebrows, Calbuzz notes the Democratic gubernatorial candidate seems to have addressed the issue with a little cut and color.

    Which raises two questions: Did the campaign pay for the trip to the salon? And what did he talk about with the professional cosmetician while getting it done? OK, no, those questions don't really matter.

    On the Republican side, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman launched a radio ad, "The Steve Shuffle." It successfully convinced Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner to distance himself from 2000's Proposition 39, which lowered the percentage of votes necessary to pass school bonds in the state. Remember, Whitman has only agreed to fully fund the University of California system, not public primary education.

    Whitman also wants to suspend California's landmark carbon emission limits bill, and it seems she has friends in Texas, where funds from oil refinery companies Tesoro and Valero are gushing into the campaign for a ballot initiative in California.

    In the Republican Senate primary race, the three candidates sat down with KTKZ Sacramento's Eric Hogue for a loose, informal debate. Former Congressman Tom Campbell, the front-runner according to polls, agreed to the match with former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina after Fiorina's campaign insinuated that Campbell was anti-israel -- campaign code for anti-semitic.

    Fiorina also phoned in attacks on Campbell for not signing a pledge to refuse to increase taxes, and suggesting that he'll be the "60th vote in the senate" for health care reform. Campbell countered with some curt responses and the announcement of his new "Campbell Facts" Web site.

    As for DeVore, who touted his Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association endorsement? He was just happy to be there.

    Jackson West has never had his eyebrows waxed or colored, but give him time (and money).