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Census Shows Hillsborough Gained No One in Ten Years

New census numbers hold a treasure trove of data.



    Census Shows Hillsborough Gained No One in Ten Years
    City of Hillsborough
    City of Hillsborough

    The United States Census Bureau released new numbers for every city is California Tuesday.  

    The Golden State can now boast it is home to 37.3 million people. That's an increase from 33.9 million people who lived here a decade before.

    There was no change in the most populous cities.

    1. Los Angeles, 3,792,621
    2. San Diego, 1,307,402
    3. San Jose, 945,942
    4. San Francisco 805,235
    5. Fresno, 494,665

    Notice, San Jose still officially remains under the one million mark.

    You can get lost the data found at this link.

    For instance, when you look at the population change city by city you'll find one city on the peninsula  did not add one additional person to its ranks between 2000 and 2010. 

    The city of Hillsborough - home to Barry Bonds, Jackie Speier and Alicia Silverstone - did not change its census number by even a single digit. Hillsborough had 10,825 in 2000 and has 10,825 in 2010.

    Seeing that number makes the fact that nearby Los Altos Hills gained exactly 20 people over the past 10 years look like they put out a welcome wagon.

    The data will have an impact on everything from federal fund distribution to state redistricting. That's very important, but we bet you talk about the zero growth of Hillsborough the next time you try to bring up a new subject at work.