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Cheerleaders Compromise on Miniskirt Ban

The once-affronted cheer squad at San Jose's Piedmont Hills High has agreed to terms on their school's miniskirt ban. Let us rejoice and be glad



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    Courtesy of Antonia Bavilacqua
    Courtesy of Antonia Bavilacqua -- Senior Cheer Girls of Piedmont Hills High School aftre first rally performance this year. From left to right: Halle Bautista, Antonia Bavilacqua, Suzette Langeland, Brielle Cevallos, Sierra Burt.

    After earning front-page news for their principled stand against their principal -- who kiboshed miniskirts, including their newly-tailored uniforms -- the Piedmont Hills High cheerleading squad has come around.

    They're ok with the miniskirt ban -- and will wear their uniforms to school with jeans underneath their skirts.

    The 180-degree turnaround followed front-page coverage of the rift between Principal Traci Williams and the cheer squad, whose new uniforms this season were shorter than ever, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    That meant they were subjected to Williams's newly-enacted ban on miniskirts, but since the cheerleaders paid $300 each for their new unis, they felt unfairly singled-out. Not, you know, because they were wearing cheer uniforms to school -- but because they couldn't.

    Earlier, the cheerleaders said it would be too "dorky" to wear pants such as sweats or jeans underneath their cheer skirts (or, for example, the cheer sweats that are part of their cold-weather uniforms). But the cheerers relented, and will wear their cheer tops and jeans to school on game days.

    Now back to the serious stuff, right, students?