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Dad in Baby-For-Sale Case Jumped in Jail

Suspects moved to segregated cells



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    Salinas Police
    Patrick Fousek was charged with felony child endangerment.

    The Salinas father accused of trying to sell his baby daughter for the bargain price of $25 in exchange for drugs outside a Walmart got a rude welcome to the cell block.

    Officials at the Monterey County Jail said inmates jumped 38-year-old Patrick Fousek Thursday night, leaving him with a busted up face and a couple of cracked ribs. Now he and his alleged partner-in-crime are being held in segregated cells, away from the rest of the jail’s general population.

    Fousek and Samantha Tomasini, 20, were arrested Thursday outside a Salinas Walmart. Police say they offered their 8-month-old baby girl for sale to feed their meth habit.

    The couple made their first court appearance Friday. Fousek’s injuries were clearly visible – he had stiches in his lip and he could barely open his right eye because it was so swollen.

    Both Fousek and Tomasini were charged with felony child endangerment and minor drug charges. Police say they were high and the home where they lived with the baby was in squalor when they arrested the couple. They face four years if convicted.

    Fousek is a “noted frequent flier” to cops, Sheriff’s Cmdr Mike Richards told the Monterey Herald. He has faced numerous drug charges in the past and has served jail time for domestic violence charges involving his ex-wife.

    Tomasini is also being held in a segregated cell but jail officials say she was placed there because the women's dorm was full. She has also served time for drug abuse charges.

    The baby is now in protective custody.

    A man who said he's close to the family told the Herald that Tomasini has only known Fousek for 18 months. The same man also said Tomasini’s mother might seek custody of the baby girl.