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Draw Something is Already Losing Users

A mere 10 days after Zynga paid nearly $200 million for the game.



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    Mathew Luschek

    Maybe Zynga should have given itself a few more weeks before shelling out $180 million for OMGPOP's Draw Something app.

    As it appears now, the app is losing users daily.

    According to the Business Insider, Draw Something is losing players just ten days after Zynga's acquisition.

    At the time of the purchase, Draw Something was so hugely successful, it had offers from not only Zynga, but Disney and Electronic Arts.

    The reason for the decline? Maybe it's just too time consuming for users, or maybe because of its popularity, users have racked up so many games against so many friends that they're overwhelmed and just don't care as they did early on. Or perhaps it's because after a user plays the game for a few days, they start to see the same words popping up again and again. (One can only draw "Florida" so many times.)

    Draw Something claims to have new features on the way, which might re-ignite some interest in the game, including the ability to save and share drawings, and UNDO button and new words, but will it be enough to pull back all the users who have already abanonded ship?