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Facebook Possibly Eyeing China as Google Leaves

Privacy concerns about Facebook could be much more serious in China



    Facebook Possibly Eyeing China as Google Leaves

    Reports from China indicate that Facebook is looking to enter the market there by the end of the year, though a company spokesperson said they are interested, they have no specific plans.

    The news is particularly interesting in light of the fact that Google started redirecting Chinese users from its censored search service there to an unfiltered one hosted in Hong Kong.

    Google's move came in the wake of security concerns after it was discovered that hack attacks originating in China had targeted the company's information and its users.

    While Facebook might not face the same censorship concerns that Google has, privacy questions could get much more pointed -- after all, it's one thing to turn over personal information to advertisers, entirely another to turn them over to an authoritarian regime that dabbles in human rights abuses.

    According to a report from the Department of Justice leaked earlier this month, Facebook has been quite helpful in providing information about users during investigations here in the United States.

    A report from security researchers in Britain found that 95 percent of Facebook users didn't want the company to share their information with third party Web sites, which the company is reportedly considering.

    Jackson West basically just uses Facebook for the event listings at this point.