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Flight From Oakland Skids Off Runway in Denver

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight out of Oakland had some scary moments as they arrived in Denver Saturday night.



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    This is a photo of the Denver airport at the time of the airplane incident.

    A Southwest Airlines jet from Oakland slid off a snowy taxiway at the Denver airport Saturday afternoon officials said.

    The plane was carrying 125 passengers and five crew members. No one was hurt, an airport spokesperson told NBC in Denver.

    Passengers and people in the terminal sent photos to the NBC station in Denver. The photos showed heavy snow at the time. The photos also showed firefighters walking up to the plane and passengers walking down the stairway from the plane.  See photos here.

    One passenger named Brad tweeted that the pilot told them he hit a patch of ice while he was trying to turn, and the plane just kept going straight.

     Flight  No. 1905 was a Boeing 737 that had just arrived from Oakland. It landed on Runway 35 and then exited the runway onto a high-speed taxiway, NBC News' Jay Blackman reported.

    Blackman reported the aircraft ended the slide on a patch of grass.

    Passengers and crew were taken to the British Airways lounge, and the put up in local hotels for the night.

    Southwest Airlines released a statement about the incident late Saturday:


    Flight #1905 from Oakland landed safely at Denver International Airport this afternoon at approximately 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time. While taxiing to the terminal, the nosewheel of the aircraft departed the taxiway. There were 125 Customers and five crew members onboard, all of whom were deplaned and bussed back to the terminal. No injuries have been reported. weather.com reported blowing, snowy conditions in Denver this evening. We are working with those Customers who were connecting to other cities and reaccommodating them as quickly as possible.