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$1.5 Million for Bay Area "Geniuses"

Three Bay Area intellectuals given carte blanche fellowships to pursue creative and scientific goals



    $1.5 Million for Bay Area "Geniuses"
    Sascha Pohflepp
    If your visual art installation is wild enough, and you've made the right industry contacts, don't be surprised if the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur foundation takes notice.

    The prized MacArthur Foundation fellowships have been officially announced, and once again, the Bay Area is hitting well above its weight intellectually

    Three "genius grant" award-winners from Berkeley to San Francisco will each receive $500,000 to spend as they please.

    As per the form, an artist and two scientists were wreathed with financial laurels for their creativity.

    Artist Camille Utterback, who works from a studio in San Francisco's soon-to-gentrify Bayview district, was one recipient.

    University of California at Berkeley's Maneesh Agrawala won another half million for his work on visualizing data.

    Another Berkeley veteran, Lin He, wrangled recognition for her work in molecular biology.

    It's the stuff that a million refugees of America's brain-drain dreams of, and couldn't have happened to presumably nicer people.

    Photo by Sascha Pohflepp.

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