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French Fight Foie Gras Ban With Boycott of California Wine

En garde: the French propose a boycott of California wine.



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    In the ongoing kerfuffle over California's recent ban of foie gras, the French are taking the offensive.

    A French official proposed a boycott of California wine as a response to the Golden State's outlawing of force-fed duck and chicken livers, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    France produces two-thirds of the foie gras sold annually worldwide, and the department of Gers, in the south of the country near the Spanish border, is foie gras country.

    Phillippe Martin, president of the Gers department's general council, issued a call for French restaurants to quit selling Napa merlot, Sonoma pinot, or any grape crushed within California's borders.

    "I call on all the restaurants in France that sell Californian wine to stop doing so in a show of solidarity for our foie gras makers and, more broadly, for all food makers," he said, according to the newspaper.

    Most California restaurants have stopped selling foie gras, the newspaper reported. Those who do sell the fatty treat face a $1,000 fine, though local police have said they do not plan to enforce the ban.