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Garridos Given Permission to Call Each Other



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    The Northern California couple charged with kidnapping and raping Jaycee Dugard have been granted two more phone calls to each other.

          At a hearing Friday, an El Dorado County judge said Nancy and Phillip Garrido will get one phone call in July and another in August. The couple, who have pleaded not guilty in the case, have been denied face-to-face visits.
    Dugard, now 30, resurfaced last August after 18 years, with two daughters she bore with Phillip Garrido.
    After the hearing, Nancy Garrido's lawyer, Stephen Tapson, said psychologists he's spoken to say it would be beneficial for Dugard and her children to see Nancy Garrido before she appears at trial. He also said she misses and loves Dugard and the girls.
    The Dugard family's lawyer has said her clients don't want any contact with the couple.