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Help Get 'Rolled' Rolling



    Help Get 'Rolled' Rolling

    San Francisco man, Whit Scott spent much of the late 90's filming his friends throwing toilet paper at other people's homes, and now he's turning all that fine footage into a documentary.

    But the story starts long before the '90's.

    Apparently in 1979 four high school kids got together to form a team of rollers. When each went on to college, they picked someone to replace them in the group, and the tradition contiues today. In each incarnation of the group, one of the members had a job to document the mischief. Iinitially this might seem like a dumb idea when pulling pranks that could potentially get one in trouble, but now Whit is taking the 32 years of footage and putting it together for your enjoyment.

    Whit is on Kickstarter looking for a few bucks to complete the project, so if you'd like to chip in, head over to the page. There are various levels of donation incentives, ranging from getting your name in the 'special thanks' credits to being listed as an Executive Producer. If you donate $10k or more he will personally TP anyone's house for you (in the United States.)