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SF Takes a Parking Meter 'Holiday'



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    The night before Christmas? Nothing but humbug, as it's business as usual. Everything is enforced on Dec. 24.

    Below is a list of what to look for when parking the family Truckster.

    For more detail, visit findingthesweetspot.com. They have the straight dope. They even have a printable 2010/2011 Holiday Parking Enforcement Schedule to keep in your glovebox. The dopest.


    Not enforced on Christmas Day (or Saturday, Dec. 25):
    - Commuter Tow-Away
    - Residential Permit
    - M-F Daytime Street Sweeping
    - 7 Day Street Sweeping
    - Parking Meters (Caution: Meters WILL BE ENFORCED at Port Authority Meters!)*

    Enforced on Dec. 25:
    - Port Authority Parking Meters are enforced 365 days a year
    - Blue Curbs
    - White Curbs (But, only during business hours)
    - Green Curbs
    - Yellow Curbs (Only if the sign says Saturdays and if the business is open)
    - Other violations such as parking on the sidewalk, fire hydrants, etc.


    Once every seven years, we all get a Christmas present, and this is one of those years.  The day after Christmas is Sunday and parking meters will not be enforced…except on Port Authority property, where they are enforced 365 days a year (and 366 days during a leap year). And remember that on Monday, you still might be feeling jolly and it may feel like a holiday, or you may be out looking for deals at Macy’s, but in the eyes of the DPT, it's just a normal Monday where $250,000 worth of parking tickets will be issued, and 300 cars will be towed.

    So remember to take a conscious breath every now and then, look up and down the street for 100 feet for any enforceable sign, avoid that $65 greeting card from DPT, and enjoy your holiday.