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Maldonado Owes More Than $100K: IRS

Dispute over use of vehicles at lieutenant governor's business



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    Abel Maldonado owes $111,146 in back taxes (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images).

    Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado has hardly been on the job three months, and already the IRS is after him.

    The tax collectors have placed a lien of $111,146 on Maldonado's family business, Agro-Jal Farming Enterprises, saying the company didn't account for personal use of company vehicles.

    The lien was actually issued just three days before Maldonado, then a State Senator, was confirmed for the lieutenant governor position.

    The money in question dates back as far as 2007, however.

    Maldonado, who's running for re-election against Democratic nominee Gavin Newsom, dispatched a campaign spokesperson to tell the San Francisco Chronicle that the vehicles in question were "100 percent" used for official company business.

    Nobody's accusing Maldonado of driving on his company's dime, however -- instead, the State of California generously provides him with a Jeep to navigate his district surrounding Santa Maria.

    Jackson West figures Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums would scoff at such a puny tax lien.