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Investigation Into Protected Bird Shot in Santa Cruz

Elegant tern is recovering after shooting in Capitola.



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    A snowy plover. Another seabird was shot in Santa Cruz County.

    Who shot the elegant tern?

    Officials are investigating the shooting and wounding of a federally-protected migratory seabird, which was found in Capitola, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

    The bird is now recovering in Fairfield, where doctors may attempt to remove a "bullet" "lodged in its shoulder," the newspaper reported.

    Meanwhile, officials are unsure what kind of bullet it is -- and who shot at the bird.

    Local youth often use birds as target practice for BB guns, but the director of International Bird Rescue, the bird's current steward, is unsure if it's a BB.

    The bird may have been shot in Capitola -- or elsewhere, according to the Sentinel.

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