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Jack Dorsey's "Square" Hits The Bigtime

Twitter founder has another hit on his hands



    Raw Video: Twitter Co-Founder's Next Big Idea

    Jack Dorsey's most recent company lets people accept credit and debit cards on their smart phones. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011)

    Life is good for Jack Dorsey. (Seen here on "Press:Here."

    The co-founder of Twitter has one company worth a reported $10 billion, and another one (the smaller one) on the rise as well. Pulling off a Steve Jobs-esque high tech two-fer can't be easy, but each idea is one that has hit, and hit big.

    Twitter, you already know about.  As for Square - if you haven't used it yet, you likely will soon. Dorsey's most recent company lets people accept credit and debit cards on their mobile devices.

    It is, literally, a square that attaches to your mobile phone, and lets you take other people's money. A boon to small businesses (those who run them, and those who shop at them without carrying much cash), Square is one of the companies destined to change the way we pay for things.

    It's also catching on. The company now handles millions of dollars worth of transactions every week, and has been seen on a much bigger square, Times Square, thanks to a cool, multi-panel advertisement. It's even teaming up with a designer to create a high-fashion "square" for your phone.  Kind of reminds me of the U2-branded iPod.

    With so much success, the Dorsey legend is growing in Silicon Valley (He's fashionable! He's in Forbes!  He's going to be a billionaire!).

    Twitter alone can do that to a guy. But two hits, at the same time? Well, around these parts, it's very hip to be Square.


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