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Judge Mulls Bonds Request to Toss Conviction

Judge still mulling Bonds' obstruction conviction



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    Former baseball player Barry Bonds was convicted on one count.

    A federal judge asked for a delay of game in the Barry Bonds case.

    The former Giants slugger asked  U.S. District Judge Susan Illston to toss out Barry Bonds' obstruction of justice conviction.

    Illston said she needed time to mull the issue.

    During Thursday's 30-munite hearing she gave no hint to what she will decide.

    Illston said she would issue a written ruling later.       

    Bonds' attorneys argue that the conviction is based on Bonds' rambling answer about being a "celebrity child'' to a questionabout whether his trainer ever gave him anything to inject.       

    Bonds answered "no'' when asked the question later.

     Prosecutors counter that jurors considered all the evidence during Bonds' trial in April to conclude that particular answer was purposely and criminally evasive.       

    Jurors couldn't unanimously decide on three other perjury charges and a mistrial was declared. Prosecutors haven't decided whether to retry Bonds on those charges.

    Bonds attended the hearing Thursday. He also was at Wednesday night's baseball game at AT&T sitting in the front row next to the Giants dugout.