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Leave Gavin Alone!

San Francisco's mayor can't manage a fantasy football team, much less a city



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    Is Gavin Newsom going to quit you, San Francisco?

    While Gavin Newsom won the last election for San Francisco mayor with a massive majority and running largely unopposed, his popularity in San Francisco may be falling off Sea Cliff -- with even conservative suburban columnists calling on him to lead or quit.

    Polls showed the mayor trailing his former gubernatorial rival Jerry Brown even in his hometown, and with that little support and next to no money, Newsom decided to call the campaign quits and fly off to Hawaii without telling anyone.

    With the news this week that spokesperson Nathan Ballard resigned, and the mayor lashing out at the press, rumors have begun to swirl that Newsom's not done quitting stuff.

    He telegraphed his distaste for politics in a brief interview with Gentleman's Quarterly last month, and is being roundly mocked by a new Web site -- the appropriately named hasgavinnewsomresignedyet.com.

    The answer to that question is elegantly posed by Emperor Norton, with a disembodied Newsom head giving answers like "No. Because I've got another 7.5 hour YouTube video to post first," and "No. Because I'm still polling well with the Coyotes of Golden Gate Park."

    Though when your fantasy football team is doing worse than the one run by Brokeland's mayor Ron Dellums, who can't even get it together to pay his taxes, don't be surprised if people question your ability and willingness to run a city.

    Jackson West doesn't think that Newsom will resign, but finds this all entertaining nonetheless.