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Los Gatos Allows Gun Shops -- With Restrictions

Rules follow opening of controversial gun store.



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    Templar Sports in Los Gatos is allowed to operate in its current location for four years.

    Gun shops are now a-OK in Los Gatos -- but with some restrictions that will require the lone gun shop in town to move or stop selling guns.

    For four years, Templar Sports will be allowed to exist in its current location. The shop has caused controversy in its nine months in business. It opened in the wake of the Newton, Connecticut, massacre, which sparked massive outcry, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    "Blindsided" residents who were unaware a gun shop was opening up in town are happy with new rules, however, that "severely limit" where firearms dealers can operate, the newspaper reported.

    In addition to renewing an annual permit, gun shops must be 250 feet away from a multitude of uses, including trails, churches, government buildings, and more.

    The rules allow for three sites in town that can work for a gun shop, including across the street from Templar Sports, the newspaper reported.

    In four years' time, Templar Sports will either have to move or stop selling guns -- or, it can sue.

    Gun shop attorney Dan Kilmer says that a lawsuit is possible in four years, because the gun shop obeyed all state and federal rules.