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Make an Online TV Show Based on Your Passion



    Make an Online TV Show Based on Your Passion
    David Siteman Garland has some advice for those who want to turn their passion into a digital career.

    Are you an aspiring broadcaster that has always wanted to make a TV Show? Does the thought of talking about a topic you are passionate about to the mass audiences flow through your mind?

    David Siteman Garland, host of "The Rise to the Top," says now is the time to take action. Through video interviews explaining how-to’s and techniques, Garland educates the world of “Mediapreneurs” on how to start their own online media empire.

    But teaching about show hosting and podcasting has not always been his primary focus. "The Rise to the Top" initially started as a resource for entrepreneurs on how to market their business online.

    His passions have evolved since then. For people interested in blogging about a certain topic, Garland recommends to “get out there and try something” to see how it makes you feel.

    You may be thinking, “How do I choose what to talk about?” To identify your passion, think about what topics make you tick, then start doing it.

    And who says this just a hobby? In 2011, Garland's blog's revenue will be at least $250,000. But he cautions that it takes lots and lots of hard work before you start making a penny.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your camera or microphone and give it a shot. Who knows, you may be the next to rise to the top.