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Mirkarimi Neighbor Sues Couple for Defamation

The legal drama over a domestic dispute involving San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi takes a new twist



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    This is a still shot of the video recorded by Ivory Madison

    There is a a new development in the San Francisco sheriff's domestic violence saga.

    Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and his wife Eliana Lopez are now being sued for defamation of character by Ivory Madison and her husband.

    Madison is the neighbor who videotapes a tearful Lopez talking about a bruise on her arm following a New Year's Eve confrontation with Mirkarimi.

    That tape was a central part of the domestic violence case against the sheriff.

    The defamation suit claims Mirkarimi and Lopez falsely accuse Madison and her husband of conspiracy, practicing without a license, and lying to police.

    Lopez's attorney told NBC Bay Area the suit was disappointing and she thought everyone was ready to move on.