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Mythbusters Accidentally Shoot House

The cannonball that caused the damage came from the popular show "Mythbusters."



    'Mythbusters' Mishap in Dublin

    The San Francisco-based television show 'Mythbusters' has some explaining to do after one of its experiments went wrong and sent a speeding cannonball into a Dublin neighborhood. As NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd tells us, the cannonball went clean through at least one house. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011)

    A projectile from an Alameda County firing range in Dublin  accidentally missed its intended target, said JD Nelson, the public information officer for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. Instead, the object blasted through the wall of a home near Tassajara Road and Somerset Lane.

    The projectile reportedly entered the home through one wall and exited through another. It also damaged a vehicle in the neighborhood.

    According to the Alameda Sheriff, the cannonball "took a few unfortunate bounces" during a "Mythbusters" experiment gone awry. 

    The Mythbusters' Twitter account retweeted a post from one of their own, Grant Imahara, stating the team was to be working with such artillery. Grant's original post (along with photo) has since been removed.

    No one was injured.

    Nelson said the show was doing an experiment using a cannon they had built about two years ago and which they have used at least three times before.

    In this particular experiment, the projectile was intended to go through several barrels of water and a cinder block wall before striking the hills of the bomb range, Nelson said. However, the cannonball missed its target. It missed the water, which was intended to slow the projectile's progress, went through the cinderblock wall and struck the hill.

    "It did not bury itself in the hill as you might think it would have," Nelson told Bay City News.

    "Mythbusters" has used the same bomb range more than 50 times for experiments and filming. "We never even had any kind of an incident, let alone anything this terrible," Nelson said.