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Nadia Lockyer Email Blames Husband and Hacker

The Nadia Lockyer political-sexual drama now has a cyber angle.



    Nadia Lockyer Email Blames Husband and Hacker
    An email sent from the account of Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer blames her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, for supplying her with drugs. The email was sent by a hacker, Nadia Lockyer said.

    A love-spurned hacker is responsible for the e-mail sent from the account of Nadia Lockyer, the embattled Alameda County supervisor, in which Lockyer said her husband -- state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, a venerable political warhorse with four decades in state politics -- supplied her with drugs "for years," according to reports.

    Lockyer, 40, landed in headlines after she called police following a late night visit to a motel room where her lover, Steve Chikhani, 35, was staying. She alleged that Chikhani -- with whom Lockyer had conducted an extramarital affair since the pair met in rehab -- beat her, allegations Chikhani denied. The state attorney general's office is now investigating.

    The email landed in the inbox of a Bay Area News Group reporter on Wednesday afternoon. "Bill bought and gave me drugs years before meeting Steve, then called me crazy when I sought help," the email read, according to the newspaper. The email  "I simply can't bear this any longer," the email said. "Goodbye to everyone."

    When found on Wednesday, Lockyer told the newspaper that she wrote parts of the email but not the parts about getting drugs from her husband, who served two terms as state attorney general.

    She blamed her former boyfriend for the email's references to getting drugs from Bill Lockyer. "It sounds like he's hacked into prior emails," she told the newspaper, referring to Chikhani. "He's acting like he's me."

    Nadia Lockyer was in rehab for alcohol dependency, according to reports. Through a spokesman, Bill Lockyer denied any connection to illegal drugs.

    A lawyer for Chikhani also dismissed any possibility of hacking. Chikhani, in a rehab facility, does not have access to the Internet without a monitor and does not have access to a mobile phone.

    The email was sent from a Verizon Wireless mobile device. Nadia Lockyer uses a Verizon cell phone.